Africa has one of the most varied cuisines thanks to its cultural diversity. Let’s take a look at the continent’s most popular dishes and restaurants that serve them.

Image credits – Pixabay

Jollof rice

Also called Benachin, this dish is popular in West Africa especially Nigeria. Comprising or rice, tomatoes, tomato paste, onion and pepper, this one-pot dish is a local favorite.
Restaurant that serves it: Yellow Chilli, 27, Oju Olubun Close, Lagos

Nyama na irio

A traditional Kenyan dish, Nyama na irio is steak-like spiced roasted meat served with mashed potatoes, sweet corn, beans, peas or onion.
Restaurant that serves it: Carnivore Restaurant, Langata Road, Nairobi


A popular West African dish, it is a mix of boiled yam or cassava and green plantain flour. Maize flour or semolina may replace cassava in some cases. It is well loved in Ghana.
Restaurant that serves it: Buka Restaurant North Ridge Accra, 10h Street, Accra, Ghana.