1. Book well in advance, at least 30 days in advance. Booking flight in advance has many benefits which travelers can take advantage of, this include new specials while they are loaded, better ROEs (rates of exchange), lower booking classes while they are still available in the systems etc.
  2. Book midnight flights – Midnight flights is something travelers need to look at, especially those flexible travelers. It can be worthwhile to opt for midnight flight and arrive in the early hours of the morning and save on flight and hotel costs.
  3. Book flight with layovers – Layovers are not always good, but that is where you will find cheaper airfares. Non-direct flights are usually cheaper. Daily layover can be beneficial to the traveler, as this can serve as an opportunity for travelers to visit destinations while on route.
  4. Compare airfares before you commit – It’s always wise to compare airfare costs before you purchase. This is something that companies like flight mate www.flightmateza.co.za are trying to address.

Remember there is no benefit in waiting until the last minute before you book your flight. Booking of fight few days prior to departure will just land you into the most expensive airfares, as those are the only available rates at that time.