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About Us

What We Do

Flight Mate compares flights from different websites globally and find you the cheapest rate,quickly

About Us

Flight Mate is a one stop travel agency established in June 2016. Passion for travel and the need to simplify travel arrangements are the two main reasons Flight Mate was established. The idea was to establish an online travel management company, which will be easily accessible to our customers at all times – hence the name Flight Mate.
We would like to believe that we are not just a travel agency, but a travel management company. We take care of all your travel arrangements – from the beginning to the end.

Our Values


We wake up every morning to create amazing travel experience for our clients


We work together to achieve a common goal, our staff members and stakeholders


We work tirelessly to simplify the process of doing business and how customers interact with our booking and communication platforms


We need to be easily accessible to our customers and stakeholders at all times


Our customers must believe and trust in us to deliver amazing and customer centric service


As a business we grow from every experience and challenges we go through. Our staff members must grow through the ranks to ensure sustainability and continuity of the business

Our circle of success