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What does Flight Mate do

We wake up everyday fueled with passion and love to create luxurious holidays for those who enjoy luxury and style
Flight Mate compares flights from different websites globally and find you the cheapest rate,quickly.
When you search for flights, hotels and car hire on flight mate your search is instantly referred to other thousands of travel websites globally for comparison and the results are then aggregated according to the availability and price

About Us

Flight Mate is a one stop travel agency established in June 2016. Passion for travel and the need to simplify travel arrangements are the two main reasons Flight Mate was established. The idea was to establish an online travel management company, which will be easily accessible to our customers at all times – hence the name Flight Mate.
We would like to believe that we are not just a travel agency, but a travel management company. We take care of all your travel arrangements – from the beginning to the end.

Why Use Us?

Fly In Comfort

We fly you in style and comfort through out the journey

Luxury & Style

We give you Luxury and Style all the time

Excellent Support

We pay attention to customers’ needs to meet their expectations